Mountain Lion

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

In the last post I discussed iOS 6 from WWDC, but another of Apple new items unveiled was OS X Mountain Lion. I wasn’t a huge fan of its predecessor OS X Lion do to all the glitches, and the fact that PowerPC apps were no longer compatible. Mountain Lion looks beautiful, and I hope that Apple takes all the bugs and glitches and fixes them in Mountain Lion. Everything they’ve added to the new version of OS X looks amazing. Everything from the new stickies & reminders connected to the cloud, to iMessage and Notification Center. Apple has now begun to integrate Twitter and Facebook into their computer systems.

Mountain Lion has amazing new features. With reminders and notification center you’l never forget a thing! Apple’s iMessage is now implemented into OS X therefore allowing texting between iPods, iPads, iPhones and now Macs. One of the most revolutionary items Apple added to their software was Siri. She’s now coming to your computer! With Apple’s new “Voice Dictation” feature, Siri will type whatever you speak to her. Siri is as smart as a virtual intelligience will get for commercial use. Siri learns your voice and understands you the more you use her. Wherever you could type, you can now speak.

I’ve never been this excited for a computer before. I love phones and gaming and I get super pumped for a new game, or for the next jailbreak to come out, the look on my face the day jailbreakme 3.0 was released was matched the day absinthe 2.0 came out. Honestly, I’m more pumped and ready for Mountain Lion, than I am for iOS 6. As you can tell I think Mountain Lion looks amazing, comment with your thoughts about Mountain Lion!

  1. Dylan Bird says:

    Lion was honestly a really big blunder on Apple’s part, but seeing that EVERYTHING else is absolutely stellar, they were able to move on from this. Each successive OS has had speed, stability, resource, and functionality improvements with the occasional graphics improvements, meanwhile Microsoft can only vaguely figure how to accomplish that last one. As long as I get to have the same interface but get the enormous additions that Apple somehow knows that I want, I will be very happy.

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