iOS 6: is it jailbreakable?

Posted: July 14, 2012 in Uncategorized


Since the release of the iPhone, there has been those who wanted to crack it open, and modify it. Jay Freeman, the legendary hacker also known as saurik, released Cydia, and liberated the iPhone. A lot of jailbreaks have been developed and released over the years, the biggest ones: greenpois0n, redsn0w, and Redsn0w offers an unlock for the iPhone, if you are on the proper bootrom, and also allows you to upgrade without loosing the old bootrom. The creator of jailbreakme, which is the simplest and fastest jailbreak, now works for Apple. One of the biggest exploits used by hackers, though not released to the public, has now become benign via iOS 6. 

When iOS 5 came out, jailbreaking became a lot harder for the hackers, but it was and is still possible. It may be some time after the official release of iOS 6 that an untethered jailbreak will be released, if one is released at all. When it comes to jailbreaking, I am fairly optimistic, and I believe in the hackers. MuscleNerd, pod2g, and all the others know what they’re doing. Way back when iOS 4 came out, the beautiful iPhone 4 came alongside it. They called the iPhone 4 “The Unbreakable” and it took a long time for the teams to jailbreak the iPhone 4. GeoH0t released limera1n and jailbroke the iPhone using a key exploit in the hardware, which has left the iPhone 4 forever jailbroken.

iOS 6 currently seems unbreakable as of now, but the hackers will find something. I still have an iPhone 4, and I love it. Apple is holding back a few of he best new features in iOS 6. 3D Mapping (which Ryan Petrich already ported over) and usage of 3G as a main internet (ie FaceTime, YouTube HD, etc) 

I personally can’t wait for the iPhone 5/New iPhone, and hope it has amazing new specs and a beautiful new design. It’ll also give me ALL of iOS 6’s features. EVen with the new hardware, I will still jailbreak, as I always have. Comment with your thoughts on the jailbreak, on the new iOS, and the new iPhone!

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