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iOS 6: is it jailbreakable?

Posted: July 14, 2012 in Uncategorized


Since the release of the iPhone, there has been those who wanted to crack it open, and modify it. Jay Freeman, the legendary hacker also known as saurik, released Cydia, and liberated the iPhone. A lot of jailbreaks have been developed and released over the years, the biggest ones: greenpois0n, redsn0w, and Redsn0w offers an unlock for the iPhone, if you are on the proper bootrom, and also allows you to upgrade without loosing the old bootrom. The creator of jailbreakme, which is the simplest and fastest jailbreak, now works for Apple. One of the biggest exploits used by hackers, though not released to the public, has now become benign via iOS 6. 

When iOS 5 came out, jailbreaking became a lot harder for the hackers, but it was and is still possible. It may be some time after the official release of iOS 6 that an untethered jailbreak will be released, if one is released at all. When it comes to jailbreaking, I am fairly optimistic, and I believe in the hackers. MuscleNerd, pod2g, and all the others know what they’re doing. Way back when iOS 4 came out, the beautiful iPhone 4 came alongside it. They called the iPhone 4 “The Unbreakable” and it took a long time for the teams to jailbreak the iPhone 4. GeoH0t released limera1n and jailbroke the iPhone using a key exploit in the hardware, which has left the iPhone 4 forever jailbroken.

iOS 6 currently seems unbreakable as of now, but the hackers will find something. I still have an iPhone 4, and I love it. Apple is holding back a few of he best new features in iOS 6. 3D Mapping (which Ryan Petrich already ported over) and usage of 3G as a main internet (ie FaceTime, YouTube HD, etc) 

I personally can’t wait for the iPhone 5/New iPhone, and hope it has amazing new specs and a beautiful new design. It’ll also give me ALL of iOS 6’s features. EVen with the new hardware, I will still jailbreak, as I always have. Comment with your thoughts on the jailbreak, on the new iOS, and the new iPhone!

Why you should jailbreak

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

A lot of people think jailbreaking is illegal, but the court system deemed it legal. The majority of thoughts on jailbreaking is that it’s for pirating apps, but it’s not. True, there is a way to pirate apps from a jailbreak, but that’s not what it’s about. I’m a big texter, i use about 3 to 4 thousand texts every month! In Cydia, there’s an app called biteSMS that allows you to quick compose and quick reply messages from the lock screen or from other apps, without stopping whatever it is that you’re doing. That is the main reason why I jailbreak.

There are a lot of other cool things available through Cydia. LockInfo uses your notification system right, Androidlock XT enables pattern lock passcode for you phone. Barrel changes you interface for a different turn-style view when changing pages on the home screen. Iconoclasm allow you to put your apps 5×5 or in shapes such as X or triangle. Winterboard allows you to customize and theme your iPhone so it looks how YOU want it to. And my personal favorite (other than biteSMS) is Protube 2, which allows native downloads (legally) for offline view through the Appstore YouTube app!

There are a lot of other tweaks that I haven’t mentioned that are super great! I’m a jailbreaker, and I have been since iOS 4.1 and I love my iPhone twice as much when it’s jailbroken. Comment with your thoughts on jailbreaking, and if you have any questions or concerns about jailbreaking comment and ask or feel free to shoot me an e-mail!

Mountain Lion

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

In the last post I discussed iOS 6 from WWDC, but another of Apple new items unveiled was OS X Mountain Lion. I wasn’t a huge fan of its predecessor OS X Lion do to all the glitches, and the fact that PowerPC apps were no longer compatible. Mountain Lion looks beautiful, and I hope that Apple takes all the bugs and glitches and fixes them in Mountain Lion. Everything they’ve added to the new version of OS X looks amazing. Everything from the new stickies & reminders connected to the cloud, to iMessage and Notification Center. Apple has now begun to integrate Twitter and Facebook into their computer systems.

Mountain Lion has amazing new features. With reminders and notification center you’l never forget a thing! Apple’s iMessage is now implemented into OS X therefore allowing texting between iPods, iPads, iPhones and now Macs. One of the most revolutionary items Apple added to their software was Siri. She’s now coming to your computer! With Apple’s new “Voice Dictation” feature, Siri will type whatever you speak to her. Siri is as smart as a virtual intelligience will get for commercial use. Siri learns your voice and understands you the more you use her. Wherever you could type, you can now speak.

I’ve never been this excited for a computer before. I love phones and gaming and I get super pumped for a new game, or for the next jailbreak to come out, the look on my face the day jailbreakme 3.0 was released was matched the day absinthe 2.0 came out. Honestly, I’m more pumped and ready for Mountain Lion, than I am for iOS 6. As you can tell I think Mountain Lion looks amazing, comment with your thoughts about Mountain Lion!

iOS 6 Beta thoughts

Posted: July 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

WWDC wasn’t too long ago and Apple unveiled iOS 6, and its new features. Some interesting new features were 3D mapping, and Siri updates. Apple also changed a lot of GUI aspects. They have added the new app “passbook” which will make all papers and transactions such as flight, gift cards, codes, etc… much simpler. When dialing in the phone app the dialer is now white, as opposed to the old black. The music and YouTube interface has changed as well, as the buttons and sound control are cleaner looking. Apple is no longer using Google Maps, but have designed their own map app, which for A5 devices and higher, allows Siri as a turn-by-turn speaker, and also allows 3D mapping. Devices A4 and older will not receive Siri or 3D Mapping.

Ryan Petrich, the jailbreaker, has implemented a new tweak in his repo ( called “Unlock iOS6 Maps” which allows A4 devices and older, that are on iOS 6 to use the 3D interface. iOS 6 also introduces a nicer look at the share photo menu, by using app icons instead of plain buttons. iOS 6 also adds new widgets, one for fast tweeting from the notification center, and one for posting to Facebook from the notification center. As we all knew would happen, Facebook is now integrated into iOS. Some of the iOS 6 tweets are available to iOS 5 via Cydia, as well as a custom Winterboard theme that redesigns the phone to look like iOS 6. The iOS 6 theme and tweaks are: iOS 6 Theme (via ModMyi) iOS 6 Photos Menu (via BigBoss) and iOS 6 Twitter Widget for Notification Center (via BigBoss).

From my perspective, the changes are all minute, and unnecessary as a new iOS, and all Siri updates and minor changes to the design could have been an iOS 5.2 OTA update. Passbook and 3D mapping are the only two new features worthy of their own iOS. Comment on what you think about iOS 6’s features, and I hope you enjoyed!